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How to grow your frizzy hair?

Do you have afro hair and feel like it's not growing even though you've tried everything? Don't panic, frizzy hair grows naturally but there are many tips to know to make your frizzy hair grow. We tell you everything in our article.

Why is my frizzy hair not growing?

Like all other hair types, frizzy hair grows. Biologically, hair cannot stop growing without falling out. If you don't have baldness or alopecia, your hair continues to grow. This is due to the hair cycle composed of 3 phases. The anagen phase (growth phase), the catagen phase (resting phase) and the telogen phase (hair loss).

On the other hand, if you have the impression that they are not growing, this is due to several reasons.

Your afro hair breaks quickly

Frizzy and afro hair are by nature fragile hair. Indeed, due to their zig zag shape, the sebum naturally secreted by the sebaceous glands cannot flow well along the hair fiber. On straight hair, sebum flows naturally, forming a protective barrier along the length of the hair.

Frizzy hair cannot benefit from this natural protective barrier that is the hydro-lipid film, which is why it tends to break more easily. In addition to breakage, Afro hair gets tangled easily, creating knots in different areas of the hair fiber.

When a knot is formed on a hair, it is difficult, if not impossible, to undo. After a while, the knot will cause hair breakage.

You cut your hair too frequently

Contrary to popular belief, cutting your hair does not make it grow faster. Cutting the ends does not accelerate natural hair growth.

Additionally, if you cut your hair every month, it is impossible to notice that it is gaining length.

How fast does frizzy hair grow?

On average, hair grows about 1cm per month, which may seem small. This average is due to the fact that some hair types gain more than 1 centimeter of growth per month, and others less than 1 centimeter per month.

Indeed, the luckiest type of hair is Asian hair. The latter can gain up to 2 centimeters per month. This is why Asian women generally have very long hair.

In second place we have European type hair. This type of hair grows approximately 1 to 1.5 cm per month.

In last place, we have frizzy hair. Frizzy hair grows on average 0.5 to 0.8 cm per month. Please note, however, that this average does not reflect the entire population with frizzy hair, but only an average.

How to grow your frizzy hair?

To make your frizzy hair grow faster, it is important to take care of it from the inside and out.

Hydrate well to stimulate hair growth.

Drinking enough water is essential for the proper functioning of the body in general, including the hair.

Take a course of food supplements to gain strength and length.

Nourishing your hair from the inside is one of the first steps to having it healthy. Among the vitamins and nutrients essential to hair, there are:

  • B group vitamins
  • Amino acids (cystine, methionine, arginine)
  • Minerals like zinc
  • Selenium

At Les Confiantes, we have developed a course of food supplements based on vitamins, plants, zinc and selenium to help frizzy hair grow faster.

Apply vegetable oils and essential oils to your scalp and lengths

Vegetable oils and essential oils participate in micro-circulation in the scalp. This helps improve blood circulation and the delivery of the nutrients it contains to the hair bulb. As a result, the hair will be better nourished from the inside, stronger, more beautiful and will grow faster.

To go further, check out our 6 tips for how to grow your frizzy hair .

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