Quelle cure pour faire pousser les cheveux choisir ?

Which treatment to grow hair should you choose?

Do you want to take food supplements but you don't know which treatment to choose to make your hair grow? Then this article is made for you. We help you see more clearly the different treatments that exist in order to help you choose the one that will best suit your hair.

The different types of treatments to grow hair

A cure of gummies for hair growth

Food supplements in the form of gummies have been the trend in recent years. We appreciate them for their gourmet format as well as their effectiveness.

In fact, these candies contain many vitamins, plants and minerals to reboost the hair. Among the vitamins, we generally find the B vitamins.

They are mainly responsible for the health and beauty of hair. However, healthy hair is hair that will grow more quickly and fall out less quickly.

Result, in a few weeks, the hair is softer, shinier, stronger, less brittle and above all longer.

treatment to grow hair

The generally recommended daily doses are as follows: two gummies per day (and not one more!). Don't forget to refer to the label on the packaging.

Powdered food supplement to promote hair length

Powdered food supplements have also been very trendy in recent years. This is due to the fact that more and more people like to take care of themselves by adopting new beauty habits in their daily lives.

The powder format has the advantage of being easily consumable. In fact, the powder mixes perfectly with many liquids (milk, water, fruit juice, coffee).

If you are already used to consuming hot or cold drinks every day, then food supplements in powder form are perfect for you.

The other advantage of this format is the amount of nutrients it contains. In addition, unlike other formats, powdered food supplements are best assimilated by the body. This is why many athletes consume it on a daily basis.

Refer to the instructions for use on the packaging to find out the dose to consume daily.

Capsules to boost growth

Capsules are not to be confused with tablets. Food supplements in capsule form allow you to bring together powdered nutrients in a capsule (preferably vegetable). We can find vitamins, amino acids, plants. Capsules are also effective, but can sometimes be difficult to swallow due to their size.

The treatment in tablets for hair

The food supplements in tablet form resemble Doliprane 1000 mg tablets. They are often difficult to swallow.

In addition, their resemblance to medications does not make them pleasant to take like powder cures or even gummies.

Les Confiantes, the best cure for growing hair

At Les Confiantes, we develop food supplements for hair that are delicious and easy to consume on a daily basis.

This is why we have developed two treatment formulas to make hair grow faster.

Gummies for hair growth

Our Hair Growth Gummies are vitamin candies enriched with plants and minerals. They contain 11 active ingredients such as vitamins B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12; arugula, blueberry, zinc and selenium.

They contain a natural fresh-blackcurrant flavor.

They have been specially formulated for textured hair, i.e. curly, frizzy and frizzy hair.

Hair gummies reviews

Visit our reviews page to discover our customers' testimonials and their incredible results.

confident gummies reviews

Our gummies for hair growth are available in the following formats:

Cocoa powder treatment to promote growth and reduce hair loss

Our cocoa treatment is the ideal format for people looking for a hair growth and anti-hair loss treatment.

Indeed, this food supplement in powder format contains a mixture of 9 active ingredients which boost growth and slow down hair loss.

It contains: cocoa, horsetail, nettle, arugula, Venus hair, blueberry, amino acids (methionine, arginine, cystine),

Our cocoa powder is available in the following formats:

Cocoa growth review Les Confiantes

Check out our review page to discover our clients’ testimonials and their incredible results.

Plant treatment to boost growth

Among 100% natural remedies, plants remain very effective. Plants like arugula, nettle, horsetail are known to have many benefits for hair.

This is why we have brought together the best plants for the beauty of hair in our detox tea . It is a mixture of green tea and plants from organic farming.

The objective: to take care of your hair in a 100% natural way with our green tea treatment.

To go further in your quest for long and strong hair, we recommend reading the following tips:

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