• Why Les Confiantes?

  • Les Confiantes is inspired by the story of Solène, a strong and independent woman, who wanted to regain self-confidence and femininity following a difficult period in her life. In 2017, Solène was 22 years old and she was diagnosed with cancer. She then begins chemotherapy and the moment comes when she decides to shave her hair.

    A year later, the young woman finished her chemotherapy and feels reborn. She studied nutrition, resumed sports and chose to take food supplements to supplement her diet and promote hair growth . Her goal is clear: to strengthen her body to regain health and self-confidence.

A brand of food supplements for women

Solène, who has always thought about the future and the life she wants to build, has decided to take action. Today, she wants to offer women the opportunity to flourish, to find confidence and femininity by highlighting their most beautiful assets. This is why in 2021 she created Les Confiantes, a brand of food supplements for women , guided by her experience and knowledge of the virtues of a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Today, Solène is in great health and has curly, long, very long hair .

    Would you like to know more about our food supplements, composed of only 9 ingredients, and all 100% of natural origin?

complément alimentaire pour cheveux afro

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