6 Techniques Efficaces Pour Faire Pousser les Cheveux Afro Plus Vite

6 Effective Techniques to Make Afro Hair Grow Faster

Get longer, thicker hair in just a few weeks! No need for expensive products to stimulate afro hair growth. Follow these 6 easy tips to grow your hair quickly and healthy.

Take care of your roots.

Remember that root health and care is essential to make hair grow faster! Make sure to use nourishing products suited to your hair type.

Massage it regularly with a mixture of vegetable oils such as castor, coconut and olive oil, which provide hydration and vitality to your hair.

Scalp massage stimulates microcirculation and promotes oxygenation of the roots. As a result, the hair bulb is better nourished and the hair is strengthened.

Use treatments based on natural essential oils.

Another method that can help your hair growth is the use of natural essential oils. These oils contain nutrients and antioxidants that stimulate the hair follicle and accelerate hair growth.

Apply a few drops of essential oil mixed with a carrier oil to your scalp and massage gently to promote better blood flow.

Repeat this procedure every day or alternate days, for several months, to see good results.

Make Afro Hair Grow Faster

Wear hair protection when washing or heat styling.

Use cold tools and non-violent methods whenever possible to style your hair such as a weave or weave.

If you use straightening or curling irons, make sure the temperature is not too high and protect the hair with a heat protectant.

Also use silicone-free straightening serums on dry hair before setting with hot settings.

Drink plenty of water and hydro-massage your hair regularly.

Dry and dull hair can greatly hinder its growth.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to hydrate your body and keep your hair healthy.

Once a week, try hydro-massaging your hair to make it shinier and stronger

Bathe with a warm, damp towel around your hair for a few minutes.

Next, apply a hydrating mask and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with cool or lukewarm water.

Reduce the frequency of coloring and chemical dyes on your frizzy afro hair

Chemical dye/dye products can significantly affect the quality of kinky curly hair and slow down its growth.

Hair color should not be changed often as this leads to a buildup of chemicals that damage the cuticles on the hair. If possible, try to use a natural dye with safer ingredients than those in common use such as indigo, henna, etc.

Take a course of food supplements to boost the growth of frizzy hair

Once you have implemented the 6 previous tips to help you accelerate the growth of your afro hair, take a course of food supplements for 3 to 6 months a year.

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To go further, consult our article on the 6 tips to accelerate the growth of frizzy curly afro hair.

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