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How to make your afro hair grow faster

Although it seems difficult to notice afro hair growth because of its shape, afro hair does grow. Don't panic, Les Confiantes has carefully selected the best tips for making frizzy hair grow faster.

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To promote the growth of your curly to frizzy hair, it is important to create a hair routine that meets your needs in order to have healthy, healthy hair. For this it is essential to know your hair type in order to speed up the growth process.

Know your afro hair by identifying its curl type

The diversity of Afro hair is limitless. Indeed, there are many different types of afro, curly and kinky hair. Indeed, if you have frizzy hair, your hair is between 4a and 4c according to André Walker's classification:

4a: Least fragile hair, very defined curl, quite voluminous, least dry hair.

4b: Fragile hair, S-shaped and tight curl, high density and shrunk up to 75% of its actual length.

4c: Very fragile hair, Z-shaped curl and not very defined. Voluminous appearance, thick hair.

Even if this classification is not very precise. It can be useful initially to visually identify your hair type. However, it is important to conduct a more in-depth personal study to know precisely the texture of your hair and to carry out tests with hair care products.

Have a hair routine adapted to your hair type to stimulate growth.

Frizzy hair is fragile and dry hair, due to external aggressions and the uneven distribution of sebum on the hair fiber. This is why it is important to have a hair routine adapted to your needs so that they are protected from roots to ends.

And it starts with:

  • The “pre-poo” (Before-shampoo)
A good oil bath to prepare your hair for shampoo: castor oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil or avocado oil are perfect for this type of hair. It will strengthen your afro hair. It is best to have damp hair before applying the previously warmed oil to the hair, from roots to ends, using circular massages on the scalp. This helps stimulate microcirculation and stimulate hair growth.
  • The shampoo
Preferably gentle to purify your scalp and preserve the effects of your oil bath. It removes all your impurities and residue from styling products accumulated throughout the week. If the shampoo makes your hair dry and rough, change it quickly! This is a sign that it is too drying and unsuitable for your hair type.
Please note: you should not clean your hair every 2 days, as it risks becoming very dry, brittle and weakened.
  • The hair mask
Your hair is ready for all the care it needs. The hair mask will nourish your hair to help it regain strength, shine and suppleness.
  • Styling cream
We have finally arrived at the end of our routine: it is important to do a typical protective hairstyle: Vanillas, Twistout, Wash & go, braidout... to dry your hair and protect it throughout the week. In addition, it is important to use creams with a healthy composition and to always keep your hair well hydrated. Regular care and a suitable hair routine will stimulate hair growth, and will allow you to achieve the expected results.
  • Vegetable oils and vegetable butters
Before shampooing, fatty substances are used to protect the hair from the attacks emitted by the shampoo but also to stimulate the scalp.
At the end of your routine, it is important to seal in hydration with a fatty substance. This will keep hair nourished and hydrated for several days.

Have a healthy and balanced diet

Eating a healthy and varied diet is the basis of healthy hair. It’s also about nourishing and hydrating them when the hair is born! So don't hesitate to stock up on vegetables, fruits and foods rich in proteins and vitamins. Finally, remember to stay hydrated by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Eating a good diet helps maintain your hair follicles from the inside, which will stimulate your hair growth.

Some tips to boost the growth of your afro and frizzy hair

Here are some useful tips for growing your hair.

1. Opt for food supplements to stock up on vitamins.

To get all the vitamins your body needs and to optimize your hair growth. It is preferable to take a course of food supplements such as: brewer's yeast, Growth Gummies from the J'aime mes Cheveux range . Keep in mind that food supplements do not replace a healthy and balanced diet. To optimize results, opt for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

2. Maintain your lengths and ends

Split and damaged ends of hair cause rapid hair breakage, which reduces all the efforts put into growing it to nothing!

3. Oxygenate the hair

Avoid hairstyles that are too tight, which compress the hair and ultimately block blood circulation. Likewise, every evening detangle your hair by dampening it and wrapping it with a moisturizing film. We also avoid repetitive coloring and the regular use of a straightening iron, which make your hair dry, damaged and brittle, and we let our hair dry in the open air by creating a protective hairstyle. We also think about sleeping on a silk pillow or with a silk scarf.

4. Detangle your hair with love

You should not detangle your hair in a fiery manner. You should always proceed in sections when applying products and start detangling from the ends, delicately going up to the roots. In addition, do not hesitate to detangle very tangled hair with your fingers before using the comb. You can better feel the knots and areas to target.

Here are 3 foods that will boost the growth of your afro hair

Diet provides the vitamins and nutrients necessary for hair growth. Lack of iron is the most important cause of hair loss. This is why we have selected the best foods that will greatly contribute to the growth of your hair.

No. 1: Cocoa

This natural ingredient mass produced in Ivory Coast contains vitamin B6 which stimulates scalp growth. You can consume cocoa powder from the J'aime mes Cheveux range in a smoothie or in a chocolate cake.

No. 2: Fish

Fish contain many amino acids like methionine and cystine which are the components of keratin. Choose white fish which are richer in protein and low in fat, such as cod or sardines for example.

No. 3: the lawyer

This fruit contains vitamin B5 and B6, two vitamins that stimulate the growth of afro hair. It also prevents hair loss. Avocado contributes to the creation of keratin and the strengthening of the hair fiber thanks to the action of vitamin B7.

With all these tips you are ready to sport perfect hair and afro hair full of life. And never forget to give your hair a dose of love.

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