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How fast does hair grow?

Hair grows a few millimeters every day and a few centimeters per month, but it's difficult to notice it on a daily basis! Discover in this article the speed of hair growth, the hair life cycle and tips for accelerating hair growth.

Hair grows on average 1 cm to 1.5 cm per month. This growth speed depends on several factors, both internal and external.

Internal factors that affect hair growth

Ethnic origin

Straight hair grows faster than afro hair. Asian hair grows the fastest. This growth can reach 2 cm per month in certain areas. People of Asian origin have the longest hair.


They play an important role in hair growth. During pregnancy or during ovulation, for example, hair tends to grow much faster.

Health status

An unbalanced diet leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause growth to slow down. The same is true for certain illnesses.

External factors affecting the speed of hair growth

The environment

The environment also plays a role in growth. Pollution and UV rays damage hair, making it dry, fragile and brittle.

Heat from appliances

The heat from styling appliances influences the condition of the scalp and can cause hair to grow back less quickly.

Hair cycle

The hair life cycle: from hair growth to hair loss

Hair arises, grows, stagnates and dies throughout our lives. The lifespan of a hair is on average 5 years for women and 3 years for men . Fortunately, in women, the hair life cycle is renewed several times.

This is why we keep our hair until the end of our lives. Men, on the other hand, are affected by baldness, a form of irreversible alopecia, with no hope of regrowth.

This hair life cycle is made up of 3 phases:

  • The anagen phase: growth phase
  • The telogen phase: stagnation phase
  • The catagen phase: fall phase

The Anagen Phase

During the anagen phase, also called the growth phase, hair grows on average 0.35 minutes per day. The speed of growth depends on the areas of the head, but also on ethnic origin.

The Telogen Phase

The second phase is the telogen phase and only lasts a few weeks. It is an intermediate phase between hair growth and hair loss . It is a period of transition during which the hair stagnates. Growth stops, the bulb hardens and the hair dies.

The Catagen Phase

The third phase is the catagen phase. During this phase, a new hair in the growth phase (anagen phase) dislodges the hair in the telogen phase, produced by the same hair follicle. This phase lasts on average 3 months, and the hair falls out.

Losing your hair is therefore a completely normal phenomenon, which allows the hair to renew itself thanks to the regrowth of new hair and hair follicles.

How to stimulate hair growth? 

Adopt a varied and balanced diet

As we saw previously, the health of the hair occurs from the inside and the outside. It is therefore essential to take care of your hair from the inside, through a varied and balanced diet . This avoids deficiencies and allows you to have long, healthy hair.

The following food groups stimulate hair growth thanks to their content of proteins, minerals (such as zinc), fiber, vitamins (such as biotin and vitamin B) or trace elements:

  • green vegetables
  • Red fruits
  • cereals
  • fish
  • Red meat
  • vegetal oils
  • yeast

These foods also have an anti-hair loss action.

Les Confiantes - Food Supplements

Take a course of food supplements rich in essential nutrients for hair health

In addition to a varied and balanced diet, it is essential to take regular courses of food supplements.

Which food supplement should you choose to make your hair grow? We recommend that you opt for treatments specialized in hair growth and stopping hair loss.

There are different forms of food supplements: in tablet, capsule, candy or powder.

Powdered food supplements are very effective and can be mixed into smoothies, making them easy and delicious to take.

We recommend our cocoa powder , a delicious blend of cocoa, plants, fruits, and amino acids to strengthen the hair fiber, accelerate growth and slow down hair loss.

Amino acids are nutrients that are involved in the formation of keratin, the protein that makes up hair .

Massage your scalp to regain hair mass

Scalp massage stimulates hair growth and fights hair loss. Indeed, the massage helps relax the scalp and promote blood circulation as well as oxygenation of the bulb.

A daily massage of 3 to 5 minutes provides visible results.

Take vegetable oil baths to promote hair regrowth

The following vegetable oils are interesting for their anti-hair loss and growth booster properties:

  • Castor oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Sapote oil

Other tips from our article on how to take care of your hair in autumn are available on our blog

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