Pourquoi les cheveux bouclés sont-ils secs ?

Why is curly hair dry?

Why is my curly hair dry?

Textured hair due to its nature and shape will be drier than straight hair. It all starts at the root...the curved shape of the hair follicle makes it more difficult for sebum and water to flow from the root to the ends. The ends being the last to be served will therefore be quite regularly lacking in sebum. Here's why textured hair is generally drier and more brittle than straight hair! But how can we prevent and limit this phenomenon? We will explain everything to you !


The hair follicle

The natural shape of our hair is determined by the shape of our follicles. The more curved the follicle, the more oval the hair and the tighter the curls of the hair will be.

The more curved the follicle, the more difficult it will be for sebum and water to flow down the lengths and to the ends.

Beyond this element, the porosity of the hair is an element which accentuates the problem of dryness of textured hair.

What is porosity? And how to identify it?

We start by visualizing the hair: (be careful we enter the technical part)

Roughly speaking, a hair is a filament of keratin covered with outer layers and inner layers. The outer layer forms scales around the hair (a bit like a pine cone, can you imagine? Perfect!)

This scale can be tight, compact or open.

When the scale is tight, sebum flows naturally and sufficiently throughout the hair. We then speak of normal porosity.

When the scale is open, the sebum does not properly reach the hair fiber and lets water and nutrients escape. We then speak of high porosity, which you will have understood is quite common in textured hair.

Now that you know everything about the nature of your hair, let's see how to fix it!

Just one word: we provide more nutrition and hydration to textured hair!

Here are some tips for keeping curls soft:

-Provide all the needs through a suitable routine: shampoo, conditioner, masks, leave-in or hair milk, fixing jelly.

-Incorporate satin to preserve hydration and limit breakage.

A routine with Les Confiantes?

Hydrate your hair with Hair Detox Tea!

Growing hair starts with a healthy base so we take care of our scalp!

The plants that make up this tea will cleanse the scalp, regulate sebum, strengthen the hair fiber, tone the hair...yes, just that!

Our detox tea is a concentrate of plants with considerable benefits for hair: nettle, horsetail, thyme, rosemary, acai and chamomile among others.

Little tip: Detox tea is consumed every day not only as a hot drink but also directly on your hair. Let your tea infusion cool and pour it into a spray bottle to hydrate your curls daily.

Provide all the vitamins your hair needs with our food supplements!

Our Gummies:

The selenium present in this formula will help maintain or restore your hair to good health.

The rocket will strengthen them and therefore limit breakage.

All the other vitamins will allow you to nourish your hair from the inside: you will have bouncy, well-defined curls that last longer!

✅Highly concentrated in active ingredients

✅Much less sweet taste

✅Effectiveness tested for textured hair

✅Natural product

Our cocoa powder

Pure organic cocoa, which is a natural antioxidant, helps fight against cell aging and stimulates microcirculation of the scalp.

The numerous plants and fruits will stimulate growth, slow down hair loss and strengthen hair.

The amino acids (Cysteine, Methionine, Arginine) will help strengthen the hair fiber in depth and effectively fight against hair loss.

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