With the start of the school year: the onset of gloom, fatigue and hair loss... does that mean something to you? This is the phenomenon that thousands of French women experienced during the transition to autumn and which will intensify during the transition from autumn to winter. How to prevent seasonal hair loss? We reveal all our tips right here to keep the length of your pretty curls.

I'm losing my hair, when should I be alarmed?

We start by not panicking! It's completely normal to lose your hair, it's the cycle of life. A normal loss is: between 50 and 100 hairs per day so if like us you brush your hair once a week or even every two weeks this represents a small handful of hair that you will see deposited on your brush.

So we start by not panicking because the stress we feel can accentuate this phenomenon.

On the other hand, if you find that per period, you are losing more hair than usual, it is time to ask yourself questions.

If this phenomenon takes place particularly during the change of season, look no further. Our hair reacts a bit like trees when the seasons change. Changes in humidity in the air, sunlight and temperature have a direct impact on the rate and speed at which our textured hair grows.

To respond to these changes, which are sometimes perceived as attacks, our hair reacts and the loss can become more pronounced.

Don't let yourself be demoralized and prevent a fall!

The idea is to anticipate this phenomenon because once the fall has set in it can be long and difficult to regain the length and volume that it took so long to obtain!

To avoid all that, here are our tips:

  • Protective hairstyles: buns, braids, glued braids. Our magnificent curly hair allows us all types of original protective hairstyles so take advantage of it! Be careful not to make your hairstyles too tight and to use products that are harmful to your hair.
  • We increase care during these periods. Protein masks, moisturizing treatments and quality routine will allow you to get through the winter with intact hair
  • Bring satin accessories: scrunchies, bonnets, pillowcases. These accessories are must-haves to prevent breakage of textured hair and maintain hydration.

Take a course of food supplements: the first nugget is our anti-hair loss cocoa powder, rich in amino acids and plants which help strengthen the hair fiber and fight against hair loss, all in the form of a delicious drink chocolatey. Something to delight your taste buds.

The 2nd nugget to recommend to you is our delicious strawberry-blackcurrant flavored gummies, perfect for stimulating growth and maintaining healthy hair. They are Vegan, Made in France and specially designed for textured hair.

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