Bienfaits des oeufs sur les cheveux

Eggs and their benefits for hair

Are you wondering if eggs have any benefits for hair? How to exploit their beneficial effects? In this article, we are going to share with you everything you need to know about eggs.

Eggs help repair the hair fiber and protect the hair. They act in a targeted manner on damaged areas. The hair regains substance and suppleness.

On the occasion of World Egg Day , which has taken place every year on the 2nd Friday of October for 25 years, eggs are in the spotlight. It must be said that they have many benefits, for our body and our health, but also for our hair. In fact, the nutrients contained in the egg contribute to the acceleration of hair growth.

In the egg, you have to distinguish the white from the yolk. White, one of the richest food sources of protein, is a formidable ally for those who want to restore strength and shine to their hair. The yolk, full of vitamins, intensely nourishes the hair, whether it is eaten or used in hair care.

What are the effects of proteins on hair?

Hair is mainly made up of proteins, like keratin. But during their life, they undergo attacks which deteriorate these proteins: frequent washing, drying, stress, fatigue, etc.

The proteins you get from food, in this case eggs, help repair the hair fiber and protect the hair . They act in a targeted manner on damaged areas. The hair regains substance and suppleness.

Hair protein

Essential proteins and minerals for hair

In addition to proteins, the egg contains vitamins and minerals essential for hair: vitamin A, E, B, iron and zinc.

Vitamins allow you to have shiny and healthy hair . They fight against hair dryness and strengthen the hair fiber. Vitamins B8 (or biotin) and B12 nourish the scalp tissue and the hair at the roots.

Stronger and more resistant, the hair lives longer and its growth is stimulated. Iron and zinc, which are essential minerals for cellular regeneration , repair the scalp and hair .

As a dish or as a mask?

It's for you to see. The advantage of the egg is that it can be prepared in 1,000 different ways and quickly, and it is cheap! Hard, fried or soft-boiled, it goes with all types of dishes, from salads to desserts.

You can even use it in addition to other protein sources, or use egg yolk to bind your pasta or rice dish. It's excellent.

You will find some recipes including eggs or other ingredients on our Instagram account. It is generally recommended to eat one or two, twice a week.

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