Prendre soin des cheveux en automne

Autumn, the ideal season to take care of your hair

In the fall, we often notice that we are losing more hair than usual (2 to 4 times more!). Although this seasonal drop can be annoying and a source of stress, it is nevertheless completely normal and has nothing to do with the change of season.

So why do we lose our hair in the fall?

Hair, like our skin or our cells, has its own life cycle. This life cycle has 3 phases:

The Anagen phase

the anagen phase, or the growth phase which lasts several years (from 1 to 3 or 4 years),

The Catagen phase

the catagen phase, or the transition phase which marks the end of hair growth (2 to 3 weeks)

The Telogen phase

the telogen phase, the resting phase of the hair before it falls (which lasts approximately 3 months).

In autumn, hair reaches the end of its life. However, this hair loss can be limited because other factors must be taken into account. If the hair reaches the end of its life in autumn, it is also because it has been subjected to attacks for several months.

We talk in particular about the stress and fatigue accumulated throughout the year, the fatigue that we release during our well-deserved summer vacation.

Let's also talk about summer. During the summer, our hair is particularly weakened by the heat and the sun's rays . In addition to the chlorine and salt to which they are exposed more or less often, the hair is directly attacked: these 3 factors combined are enough to degrade the melanin and keratin that make up the hair.

Normally protected by a thin layer of sebum, the sun oxidizes this protective layer, while chlorine and salt dry out the hair.

Add in a potential deficiency of vitamins and minerals essential to your hair, and hormones, and fall loss becomes a real concern. Weakened, upon regrowth they can become thinner, more brittle and fewer in number.

Girl in autumn

What can you do to limit hair loss and promote regrowth?

As said above, hair loss is a natural phenomenon and hair is reaching the end of its life. But you can act against aggravating factors, which further weaken your hair. Once identified, you have several solutions.

Food, a significant asset

Vitamins and minerals essential to your hair

Vitamins A, B (including B8 or biotin) and E





The iron

Sulfur, contained in amino acids such as cystine, cysteine ​​and methionine


These nutrients present in some of our foods have a vital role in revitalizing and promoting hair growth. Where are they found?

In eggs and egg yolks more particularly

Egg is a good source of biotin , which helps stimulate hair growth. Biotin is also found in meat, fish, nuts, sweet potatoes, spinach and broccoli, but egg also contains other minerals and elements useful for hair.

In nuts , such as Brazil nuts for example

Walnuts are rich in selenium , which helps with growth as well. Be careful though, you should not overdo it, a few nuts per day (3 or 4) are enough to provide you with the selenium necessary to maintain your hair.

In fatty fish

Oily fish is an excellent source of omega-3 . Omega-3s are fatty acids essential to the proper functioning of our body, which it cannot produce. They help in particular to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss.

It is therefore important to provide it to our body, for example by eating salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, sardines or even anchovies. Canned foods can preserve the omega-3s in these foods, but nothing beats good fresh fish.

For those who don't like fish, omega-3 can be found in nuts, or vegetable fats, such as rapeseed, soy or flax oil.

In soy

Or foods rich in protein . Aside from meat and eggs, you can also eat soy, beans, or lentils.

It is therefore important to have a varied and balanced diet.

Food supplements, to give a boost to the body and your hair

Food supplements serve as support for the diet, which is not always sufficient. To be taken as a treatment lasting several weeks or several months, they accompany you wherever you go and adapt to your schedule.

Supplements to limit hair loss and promote growth act directly on the microcirculation of the scalp to reach the bulb, where the hair begins, and provide it with all the nutrients and oxygen it needs to be more vigorous. and stronger.

This will limit hair loss and stimulate their growth. It is also recommended to take supplements that include amino acids in their composition to strengthen the hair's keratin.

Les Confiantes - Cocoa Powder

The cocoa powder produced by Les Confiantes has been designed with ingredients providing a large number of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for your hair. It also contains amino acids , which makes it a little cocktail of energy for your hair. With its good chocolate taste, it is an ideal ally for fall.

Without forgetting hair care

The shampoo and treatments you regularly apply to your hair are just as important. In autumn, shampooing time can be more complicated, but it is essential to maintain your hair and eliminate sebum and dead cells that can damage it. Act gently: instead use a gentle shampoo based on ingredients of natural origin, only apply the products necessary for care and styling and brush your hair regularly.

Little tip, massaging the scalp while shampooing stimulates microcirculation, in addition to being very pleasant.

In summary, to fight against autumn loss and promote the regrowth of your hair, pay attention to your diet and do not hesitate to use aids such as food supplements and hair care, whether before or during autumn. . Keep in mind that this hair loss is natural and temporary, and that if you give it a daily dose of love, everything will be fine.

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