Bienfaits de l'arginine sur les cheveux

Benefits of arginine: an amino acid that makes hair grow

Arginine, an amino acid essential for the formation of keratin

Arginine is one of the 18 amino acids constituting keratin, the hair protein. Keratin is responsible for protecting the hair from external aggressions.

Hair being made up of 95% keratin, an arginine deficiency leads to the weakening of the hair fiber as well as loss of the scalp.

Even more serious, an amino acid and arginine deficiency can cause the effects below:

  • fragile, dull and brittle hair
  • dry hair and abysses
  • less shiny hair
  • slowing down of hair growth
  • acceleration of hair loss

Arginine is therefore one of the most important amino acids for healthy hair , from roots to ends.

Cystine and methionine are two important amino acids for healthy hair.

Girl with wavy hair

Arginine, an amino acid that promotes the regrowth of hair follicles

Arginine promotes hair growth, thanks to its nitric oxide composition. Nitric oxide acts directly on root cells by opening them, which leads to faster regrowth.

Arginine helps improve root irrigation allowing a better supply of nutrients to the bulb, which stimulates hair growth and regrowth in the event of loss.

Arginine, an amino acid that fights hair loss

Hair loss most often results from a deficiency of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, or amino acids).

An arginine deficiency therefore leads to hair loss. Supplementing with arginine can significantly reduce hair loss.

Arginine, an amino acid that is suitable for all hair types

Arginine is an essential amino acid for all hair types, especially afro hair. Indeed, Afro hair (curly, frizzy) is more fragile hair than others.

Amino acid supplementation will allow you to have more beautiful hair , making it stronger, shinier, more supple, healthier, while strengthening growth and limiting loss.

Food supplements for hair

Arginine in food and food supplements

Arginine is an amino acid found in many foods.

Arginine can be found in legumes, brown rice, buckwheat, but also in nuts, soybeans, meat, such as red meat, chicken, and fish.

Find all the information in our article on the benefits of eggs on hair

Take arginine-enriched food supplements

A diet that is not varied and balanced enough can lead to arginine deficiencies.

This is why we recommend that you take courses of food supplements rich in arginine, such as our organic cocoa powder .

It contains 3 amino acids (including arginine, cystine and methionine), organic plants and blueberry.

The objective of our food supplement is to strengthen hair from root to length, to combat hair loss and to promote hair growth.

Taking arginine can also be combined with taking food supplements rich in vitamins, such as vitamin C, and minerals such as zinc .

Arginine in cosmetic products

This amino acid can also be used in cosmetic care, as a cosmetic active ingredient . It is possible to integrate arginine powder to perform the following hair care products:

  • shampoos
  • lotion
  • conditioners
  • moisturizing masks
  • moisturizing serum based on aloe vera

Aginine is therefore an essential nutrient for the beauty and health of hair, in particular to accelerate hair growth .

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