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5 Benefits of Vitamin B9 on Hair

Do you dream of healthy-looking hair? Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid , is your ally for shiny hair! In this article, discover how vitamin B9 acts on your hair, its benefits for its growth, strength and shine. Get ready to meet vitamin B9, your new hair best friend!

🌟 Role of vitamin B9 in hair health

Vitamin B9 is a real conductor in the hair world. It plays a crucial role in the growth and regeneration of your hair by promoting the formation of new hair cells. It is also involved in DNA synthesis, which is essential for healthy hair.

The benefits of vitamin B9 for hair

Stimulation of hair growth 🔥

Vitamin B9 is like an accelerator for your hair! It stimulates the production of new hair cells and thus encourages faster growth. Thanks to it, you will be able to say goodbye to long waits to see your hair grow and enjoy a longer mane in no time!

Hair loss prevention 🔥

Don't let hair loss ruin your day! Vitamin B9 strengthens your hair follicles, giving them the strength to resist shedding. With her on your team, you can say goodbye to handfuls of hair lost in the shower and hello to hair that stays firmly rooted on your head.

Improved hair quality 🔥

Glowing hair, what do you think? Vitamin B9 makes your hair shinier and stronger. No more dull and fragile hair, make way for hair that is silky and strong like guitar strings!

Benefit on the scalp 🤗

Vitamin B9 doesn't just pamper your hair, it pampers your scalp too! By promoting cell regeneration, it helps maintain a healthy scalp, reducing problems such as dandruff and irritation.

Brings shine to hair 🤗

Do you dream of a dazzling mane? Vitamin B9 is here to grant your wish! By deeply nourishing hair, it restores its natural shine, for hair that reflects light and shines brightly!

🥗 Food sources of vitamin B9

You don't have to be a rockstar to find vitamin B9! It is hidden in many everyday foods. You can find it in spinach (for a dose of hair Popeye!), leafy green vegetables, lentils, citrus fruits and avocados. Incorporate them into your meals for a rockstar mane.

Vitamin B9 supplements 💊

Need a little extra help? Vitamin B9 supplements are available in different forms. However, before embarking on this hair tour, consult a health or beauty pro like Les Confiantes, to obtain recommendations tailored to your needs.

How much vitamin B9 to take daily?

From 12 years old, the recommended daily dose is 200 ug to reach 100% of the RDA* (*recommended daily intake).

During pregnancy, pregnant women's needs for vitamin B9 can go up to 600ug. This is why specific supplementation is necessary during pregnancy.

😋 Les Confiantes Gummies, hair treats!

Looking for a convenient and tasty option to boost your vitamin B9 intake? Les Confiantes Gummies are here for you! These little treats contain vitamin B9, as well as other nutrients beneficial for your hair. It's like having a concert of hair benefits in a candy! A candy with a good strawberry-blackcurrant taste that provides 100% of the daily vitamin B9 requirements!

⚠️ Precautions and recommendations

Before diving into the vitamin B9 bath, do one last rehearsal with your health professional. They will give you advice on recommended doses and make sure everything goes smoothly. Les Confiantes gummies are not suitable for pregnant women and children under 12 years old.

You now have all the ingredients to play the melody of hair success with vitamin B9! Thanks to its benefits for the growth, strength and shine of your hair, you can finally achieve the mane of your dreams. Don't forget to treat yourself to Les Confiantes Gummies for a delicious touch of vitamin B9 in your hair routine. With vitamin B9 as an ally, your hair will be ready to go on stage and shine brightly! 🎸🌟

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